Monday, March 14, 2011

Photo courtesy of Brian Lofgren

101.  Fiery sun through the trees early in the morning
102.  Bright blue shadows on the white snow in the afternoon
103.  My praying Sunday School class
104.  A houseful of girls and one precious little boy
105.  God's steady faithfulness even when I falter
106.  Painting with Dad!
107.  Good books and time to read them aloud together
108.  Sister love
109.  That God is good even when life is hard
110.  Supernatural help to forgive
111.  A tea party with my girls, the cousins and Charissa
112.  A nature walk to the river
113.  Building snowmen
114.  Melting snow
115.  Spring after a long Minnesota winter

Photo courtesy of Rachael Lofgren

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