Saturday, March 26, 2011


Notes from a message by 
Keith Dehn

* When we're confident that God is with us, we can face anything.  Genesis 45:1-15
  Joseph trusted in God's sovereignty.
* When someone wrongs me I can believe that God is in it and will redeem it.

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1.  Be born again - understand we've been forgiven. 
Be filled with the Holy Spirit
2.  Let go of the pain
3.  Trust in God's sovereignty - accept what come from God.
4.  See the offender through God's eyes.
5.  Move toward the offender instead of moving away.  Serve and pray.  Serve or give to the one who has hurt me.  ( He gave the exception of physical or emotional abuse).
6.  Pray for miracles to happen in my heart and the others.
7.  Romans 12:19 Revenge not yourselves.  Leave vengeance to God.

I found this message to be very helpful and timely.  I hope it is a blessing to you, too.  If you want to listen to it you can use the following link:  It is Forgiveness Part III  from February 6, 2011.  I also highly recommend Part I and Part II.  I noticed when I went back to listen again that I missed a lot of good things in my notes, so I hope you get time to listen to this wonderful series of messages.

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