Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things I'm Thankful For

51.  Wood heat in winter
52.  Painting "masterpieces" with my Dad
53.  The Word made flesh - for me
54.  Sweet Anna's hot breakfasts
55.  Faithful Lizzy's good cooking
56.  Rachael's poetry - food for the soul
57.  Little ones attentively listening to stories
58.  A sledding  hill
59.  Lots of good books
60.  Extended family who know the Lord
61.  Secrets and surprises in the house
62.  My Mother's love and support
63.  That the One I am counting on is the same one who spoke the world into being.
64.  Warm sledding weather
65.  Little ones with rosy cheeks and laughter
66.  Things to study and learn
67.  Children to teach
68.  A faithful ladies prayer group at church
69.  Godly church elders who faithfully serve
70.  Timely sermon on forgiveness
71.  God's power to work forgiveness in my wavering heart
72.  That that forgiveness is based on Him not on me
73.  His Word new every morning
74.  Prayer warriors in the house
75.  Good neighbors
76,  Young ones busy with clay, making pots and creating things
77.  Quiet mornings with the Lord
78.  Full moon on the snow
79.  Heaven to look forward to
80.  A personal letter in the mailbox