Thursday, March 17, 2011

116.  Adversity that makes us cling to God
117.  Melting snow making rivers in the driveway
118.  An Eagle's nests and mating birds with their tinkly calls - signs of Spring
119.  Faithful, uncomplaining daughters who think up incredible food with what's left in the freezer
120.  The ice thawing in a daughter's heart
121.  Words of hope from Rachael for a situation that seems almost hopeless to me
122.  Wonderful books and evenings of treasured time to read aloud
123.  Dad feeling better this week - less fluid retention (a turnaround the hospice nurse has never seen)
124.  Blueberry coffeecake
125.  Strawberry kiefer
126.  A helium balloon, chocolate, new books to read, and a new wallet - a happy birthday!
127.  Beautiful pink roses
128.  Fayetta home
129.  Laughter over the dishes every night
130.  My friends at KEY

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