Thursday, July 31, 2014

Joy Comes in the Morning!

I was thinking back to an old post October 2012 and couldn't believe it is actually almost two years ago that I wrote that post.  I compared our spiritual waiting for the return of our prodigals to labor and delivery, well I just wanted you to rejoice with me because DELIVERANCE has come!!  Our sweet girl has returned to the Lord and I can't tell you the joy I have in the daily signs of healing and grace in her life!  She recently joined us a day late for a family camping trip because she had to work the day before but it meant enough for her to be with us that she drove the four hours herself to join us.  As we walked to the showers the following morning, sharing the joy of being together, I told her, "It's a tremendous joy and privilege to be given a child, but to be given that child back a second time is over the top!"  I can't explain the joy I feel at the return of our prodigal.  I thank God every day for the light in her eyes.  I see signs of healing and marvel at the perfection of His work in her heart.  If you are still laboring over a prodigal, don't loose heart, look up for your redemption draweth nigh and weeping may last for a night but joy DOES come in the morning!  And it is joy beyond anything the darkness took from you.