Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm Thankful For...

70-80 listed privately
81.  God' miraculous intervention in Melissa's birth
82.  Holding that brand new beautiful and perfect baby girl
83.  Midwives who spend their days and nights for others
84.  Our dear Midwife Becky - "safely Home"
85.  Fresh snow like chips of mica glittering in the yardlight
86.  Luminous stars in the night sky
87.  Warm wood fires and good wood to make them
88.  Two quiet days alone with just Rachael and Aaron
89.  A son fired from his job
90.  A godly man to disciple that same son, making all the difference
91.  Butter on bread
92.  Anna buying groceries
93.  Chickadees calling
94.  Snow crust frozen for exploring outdoors
95.  A nature walk on the river with my four youngest
96.  The fresh enthusiasm and delight of young hearts
97.  A bouquet of dried weeds - inspiration for painting
98.  Sunshine streaming through the window
99.  The Word of God, speaking to me fresh each morning
100.  Friends who pray for us making a difference

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