Saturday, February 19, 2011

Giving Thanks in ALL things

Gratitude - the giving of thanks, this I can do in good times.  When I receive good gifts I naturally feel grateful, but when those good gifts are withheld or removed, then can I still give thanks?  This is the harder lesson I find myself being asked to embrace, and I am floundering.  Swimming in the shallows is easy - it's when you're in over your head that you find out if you really can swim. Will I clench my fists and hold tightly to what I feel is mine, grasping for the things that elude me, the things that are slipping from me, or will I open my hands in childlike trust, believing that what He takes and what He withholds are for good.  As Ann Voscamp voiced the question, do I believe that God is good? If I believe that He is good, then this test, this loss, this lack is ultimately for good and I can hold my hands open and I can raise my voice in thanksgiving even in this.  I CAN give thanks in everything because there is nothing that He can't redeem and use for good - HE IS GOOD and He works all things together for good for us, who are called, chosen, loved. 



  1. Touches deep places. We are on this journey together. Loved by a Good God and as we give thanks in these "ALL things", His everlasting arms are underneath, strong, capable. He our Savior can never, Will never, let us down but will carry us ALL the way home. Let's keep looking up into His face and seeing the beauty and gifts He so lavishly lovingly pours out every day. We are loved with an everlasting arms! <3

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