Sunday, February 13, 2011

People who Give

I've been pondering the past few days what it means to be a person who gives.  Friday I went to a funeral with my parents for a girl that was a neighbor when I was a little girl. I wept sitting beside my parents knowing that soon it could be our family having a funeral.   I thought of my Dad, weak and frail, going to another's funeral to be a blessing to that family sitting in pain through a service that he could hardly hear.  Dad, always giving, always thinking of others.  The message was beautiful from Deuteronomy where Moses charged Joshua to go forward with courage.  Even my always composed mother shed a few tears.  After the funeral in the few minutes we could stay before Dad needed to head home, I noticed Mom giving encouraging words, reaching out, thinking of others.  The next day we had another funeral.  This time out of town.  Dad traveled five hours to go to his cousin's funeral - not because he was up to it or enjoys social things, but because he cares about others in the family.  So again, he was thinking not of himself, but of others.  As I sat behind him, watching him nod off during the two hour funeral, I wept thinking of his sacrifice to be there and how even in these last days he is thinking about others rather than his own comfort.    Mom, too wraps her life around caring for Dad focusing on what will be best for him, treasuring the moments and living life as he chooses to live it in these last weeks.  The memorial service we attended was for Dad's cousin and it was a celebration of her life - a life again, lived for others.  There were many testimonies of her giving spirit and she'd told me some time ago that she prayed daily for my children, so I have been the recipient of that giving.   I'm beginning to see a thread here....  Many of these going on to heaven are givers, those who have poured their lives into me and others.  I'm wondering if I can fill the shoes they leave empty. It doesn't feel like a natural fit.   My visionary sister Joan says, anyone can be a Dave Smith (our dad).  And maybe she's right, with the help of God we can all become givers.  May the Lord strengthen us to take up the baton....   


  1. You already do give in so many ways, Mom. You have picked up the baton - it just looks different in each life. I love you!

  2. I, too, was moved by Dad's sacrifice to be at Carol's funeral. I've been struggling with what makes a life significant, and I think it's the small ways we invest in others daily that matters. At a couples' valentine party, we were supposed to write down something about ourselves that was interesting or unique. I honestly couldn't think of a thing!!.. but after feeling badly about that, I am drawn to the idea that we don't have to make a big splash in life or do things that impress others to make a difference. My life is pretty simple and rather ordinary, but I hope to make it count for eterninty in little, daily investments in the lives of others. I definitely see you accomplishing that; you are a giver to so many in a gracious, unassuming way.