Saturday, October 16, 2010

Late Blooms

Rachael returned from the Ukraine last Fall with two Dahlia rhizomes, a precious gift from Ludmilla. They looked like two small elongated potatoes.  Ludmilla said to plant them in the Spring like you would potatoes.  I suggested Rachael keep them in the refrigerator through the winter.  In the Spring they looked shriveled up and dead.  We feared we had ruined them, but  decided to plant them anyway, just in case.  After several weeks there was still no sign of life, and I lamented to Rachael that they were dead.  Some time later when I was working in my flower bed I saw two small shoots coming up and yelled to Rachael to come and see!!  We were thrilled to see life coming from Ludmilla's tubers.  All summer long those plants grew and grew, but never a blossom.  There were stems and leaves in abundance, but no blooms.  Finally when the rest of the garden was about done, and things were starting to go into dormancy, the Dahlia got buds and then slowly they began to open up.  Now when it's the very end of the season (many years we would have had frost by now) the Dahlia is in full bloom!!  Beautiful dark pink blossoms in profusion!!  We've put them in vases around the house and yet there are plenty left in the garden.  When I showed a friend she could hardly believe that all that plant and bloom came from just two little tubers.  It set me to thinking about my children's spiritual life and how sometimes I am tempted to give up too soon because they aren't showing much sign of life, perhaps the best blooms will come late.  

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  1. Good reminder to keep hoping when circumstances seem hopeless. <3