Friday, September 16, 2011

Lifting Thanks

I have found that the lift is really for me.  When I make my list of thanks my eyes are lifted upward and my spirit is lightened and lifted.  So perhaps I'm selfishly motivated, but here's another Thanks list...

191.  Comfortable sunny, breezy days
192.  Lots of garden produce and sweet girls to help put it all up
193.  Cuddly kitties
194.  Progress on Fall housecleaning - clean white kitchen curtains
195.  The dryer working again
196.  Time with my Mom (afternoon tea, a shopping trip to the second hand store, and supper here)
197.  Fall vacation on the North Shore to look forward to
198.  Friends who share their cabin there with us
199.  Children who prefer tenting even to the cabin and don't mind sleeping on the ground
200.  Access to beautiful music, art and poetry
201.  Inspiring books to read aloud
202.  A friend's listening ear as I spilled out my pain all raw and her words of hope - miracle stories of
          others transformed by the LORD
203.  My friends' miracle of forgiveness and grace experienced this week, spilling out onto all of us onlookers
204.  Daddy spending time with his little ones
205.  Singing hymns of praise with our church family
206.  Hospitality and a feeling of belonging
207.  Rachael's Dahlia from Ludmilla in the Ukraine blooming lovely big blooms
208.  Recent rainbows representing hope extended to us
209.  A couple of boxes of apples off our trees this year and Lizzy's fresh hot apple crisp
210.  A freshly tuned piano

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