Friday, September 16, 2011

Broken Glass

              BROKEN GLASS
Shattered dreams like broken glass,
Sparkling shards, glittering mass,
Crushed on the concrete floor of life.

Bridges of life that won't be crossed;
Vision gone, hope seems lost,
Dropped in the chasm of yesterday.

Helpless wond'ring what will come?
Darkness reigns, senses numb;
Upper room waiting for the day.

All night long we cannot see,
Peering long, restlessly,
Wond'ring what God has in mind.

Slowly dawns a ray of light;
Trembling faith, feeble sight,
God's not hindered by brokenness.

"Give them up," I hear Him say,
"Let them go, it's My way";
He now delights to pick them up.  

Gently He takes up each bit,
chosen piece, arranges it;
What are shards to Mighty God?

Lovingly He redefines,
recreates a new design;
This was His purpose all along.

Sharpened tools have done their work, 
Cutting deep, precise work;
Melt on the solder, hold it fast.

Light streams colored through the glass,
Making sense of the past,
Traced on the concrete floor of life.