Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grateful List

Photo Credit:  Brian Lofgren

31.  Our Savior - Immanuel - God with us!!
32.  Rose colored sun through sparkling frosted trees
33.  Family time together - Precious memories
34.  My parents - what a heritage of Christian love and service
35.  Dad still with us for the holidays
36.  Anna playing piano
37.  Extended family - my siblings and my grown children gathered
38.  My beautiful, precious grandbabies - kisses on downy heads
39.  Grown children making good choices
40.  Beautiful voices caroling together - celebrating Christ
41.  A warm house and warm hugs
42.  Plenty of good food
43.  Healthy children laughing and playing
44.  Christmas cards and pictures connecting us with friends and family
45.  Big girls to babysit on date night
46.  Beautiful frost on the trees
47.  Hearing Dad preach once again and almost all his grandchildren there to hear it
48.  Wonderful books to read aloud
49.  Mom and Dad reading aloud to us
50.  Warm sledding weather

1 comment:

  1. It was a wonderful Christmas weekend! I too am grateful for so many good gifts from the Father of Lights.