Friday, September 14, 2012

Take His Hand

  The Light That is Felt
A tender child of summers three,
Seeking her little bed at night,
Paused on the dark stair timidly.
"Oh, mother! Take my hand," said she,
"And then the dark will all be light."

We older children grope our way
From dark behind to dark before;
And only when our hands we lay,
Dear Lord, in Thine, the night is day,
And there is darkness nevermore.
Reach downward to the sunless days
Wherein our guides are blind as we,
And faith is small and hope delays;
Take Thou the hands of prayer we raise
And let us feel the light of Thee!


  1. LOVE this painting and the poetry is inspiring...a reminder of where our LIGHT comes from. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful poem! Who wrote it? I'm definitely feeling like we're doing some groping in the dark right now.