Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taking Time For Tea

My dear friend Delight feels the same about her mother and her daughters as I do about mine. She is very faithful about taking time for tea.   Here she is sharing tea with her sweet girls.
My mom only lives 3 miles away and we can always e-mail or talk by phone, but there is something special about visiting face to face.  I hadn't been to her house for several weeks so we arranged to have tea Friday afternoon.  I always come away blessed after visiting with my Mom.  Her house is quiet and clean and her heart is warm and understanding.  The conversation is animated as she has many interests and we share the love of our family and many people we've known through the years.  She likes to read and is always interesting to talk to.   She understands me and wants the best for me as much or more now than when I was a little girl.  She lets me into her life and  shares her heart, allowing me to be her friend, too.  When I share things I know that she will take them to our Heavenly Father in prayer.  

Some years ago after her three girls were grown and on their own, she wrote an article about parenting being a 20-year investment.  We got to talking about that Friday and she said she realizes now that it isn't just 20 years, but a lifetime commitment.  Not only is She still caring about and praying through for me, but she also is praying for my children and grandchildren.  She actually carries prayer burdens for many more now than when she just had the three of us. I used to think it was busy and challenging when I had 20 years of pregnancy and nursing but I realize now that those years were a breeze, when my children's needs could be met by simply cuddling and nursing them or changing their diaper.  Now I find myself actively involved in spiritual battles for the souls of my children and the futures of my grandchildren. I thank God that I am not alone, but that He has placed me in a godly family where My Mother still partners with me in love and prayer.  

Not only do I have my wonderful Mom, but I now have my older daughters sharing in the spiritual battles and blending their hearts and lives with mine in intimate friendships.  My Mother and my daughters know me intimately and still love me, they know my history and they are happy to share my future.  We speak each other's "language" and have learned to graciously pass over the flaws.   Then there is the joy of building for the future with the younger ones and the grandbabies!  I am so blessed by God's design for a lifetime of love within families. I hope my girls will always take time for tea with me and be as blessed as I am when I take time to have tea with my Mom!!



  1. If I'm close we'll have tea and if not our hearts will still be close...Your friendship is a treasure and you are a wonderful Mom! :) Love you!

  2. What a lovely painting of Delight and her girls! And I second the beautiful tribute to Mom. Conversations over a cup of tea are the warmest.