Tuesday, November 16, 2010

She Had Her First M&Ms Today

She had her first M&Ms today;
She needed something with which to play.
O Grandbaby dear, you're already sweet,
Sitting quietly in your car seat.

Tight in her fist she held them fast,
She quieted down content at last.
The package would hold her eyes and her ears
Keeping at bay those much dreaded tears.

"She must he asleep," her mother said;
So quiet behind, she was misled.
The package now soggy began to spill
Its wonderful contents -- a new thrill.

So smooth and round and wonderfully sweet,
Melting in hand, and mouth, and car seat.
Mama turned 'round to see the sight
Daddy looked too, "She's a mess all right!"

Surprised and amused, her mouth now was blue;
They stopped the car, what could they do?
The candy was now all over her lap;
Hurry and get her out of her strap.

They cleaned her up as best they could,
And waited to see, would she be good?
Except for blue hands she showed no effect;
Only the start of adventures, I expect.
                     Patti Lofgren


  1. I like the poem and the pictures!! :-)

  2. So glad we got to see her and her mommy & daddy! Such a lil' cutie with her lil' blue hand!